Your Body Knows

Learn to access your body's wisdom to get the right guidance for YOU

The biggest barrier to using essential oils for most people is knowing which oil to use when. You can spend hours researching the (often contradictory) opinions of others and end up being more confused than when you started. What if you had a reliable way to know which oil is best for you—every single time? Your body always knows which oil will be most helpful for you. The challenge is learning how to reliably access your body’s wisdom. This course will teach you how to do this!
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Ask Your Body What's Best For YOU

Your body always knows which oil will be most helpful for you—the challenge is learning how to reliably access your body’s wisdom. This course will teach you how to do this!

  • Discover how to reliably access your own body’s wisdom

  • Ask your body for answers and get accurate results

  • Use this simple system to get answers about anything—not just oils!

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  • 1
    How to Know Which Essential Oil to Use--Every Time
    • Welcome & Gather Your Oils!
    • What is a Pendulum & How Do You Use It?
    • What is Dousing & How Does it Work?
    • Clarify the Solution You Seek
    • ​Clarify Which Essential Oils to Use
    • Clarify How to Use Your Oils
    • BONUS! How to Use Dousing to Get Answers for Other Things
    • Bonus! Create Your Own Custom Blend

What you hear from your head and what your body knows about which oil to use can be VERY different

If your learned knowledge and your inner wisdom are that different with something as simple as essential oils, imagine how different your life would be if you listened to your inner wisdom for EVERYTHING?

You can! And starting with which essential oil is the right one for you at any given time is a perfect way to start!

Essential Oils help rebalance your physical body in ways that you don’t even realize are out of balance—but only if you are using the right oil for that

Essential Oils help you shift mood and brain chemistry to clear out old, unhelpful energies that are so familiar that you don’t realize they are limiting you—but only if you know how to ask which oil is most helpful

Essential Oils can help shift emotions to open you to new levels of awareness that you’ve never considered—but only if you know which oil to use

Asking your body about Essential Oils can be your gateway to living from your inner wisdom in ALL areas of your life!

You may already be much further down this road than you think! 

You can find out today. For free.

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Learn to use your oils in the way that is most effective for YOU

Your body knows. Learn how to ask in this simple but powerful course.
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  • Kristine Madera

    Kristine Madera

    Wellness Mentor

    Kristine Madera has over 20 years in the Mind-Body Wellness fields as a yoga & fitness instructor/coach, hypnotherapist, meditation instructor and bestselling meditation author. She added dōTERRA Essential Oils because of the powerful benefits they bring to a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Kristine teaches how to use essential oils to reach health and wellness goals, find emotional balance, achieve personal goals, and how to access your own body wisdom to get your answers about your unique body and path. When you join her essential oil team, you get an in-depth Lifestyle Overview to clarify your goals, a personal daily essential oil protocol to help move you toward your goals, and access to in-depth education by experienced professionals to help you learn as much as you would like to about essential oils and how to use them. You can reach her and/or find out more at